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Diagnostic Tests

Identify specific areas of weakness or strength in order determine a condition or illness or diseases.

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Cardiac CT

An imaging method that uses x-rays to create detailed pictures of the heart and its blood vessels.

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Whole Body MRI

A diagnostic technique that utilizes radio waves and a strong magnetic field to create images of the body.

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We have a state-of-the-art clinic with modern types of equipment. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient’s comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambience. Thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation. Healthcare is simplified like never before! With our rich knowledge and expertise, be assured of quality healthcare services.

Our lab is managed by qualified and well trained professional.
Our lab has all upto date machinery and equipments.
Our lab is hygienic and well maintained.
Our lab assistant takes extra good care of patients.


Sara Chavan

Got my diagnosis done here, it is very precise! I took a good call.

Viraj Gohil

Great first experience! Appreciate their approach towards work.

Mugdha Songire

Everything here is sterilised, be it the syringes or hand gloves.