1. Are you scared of going to toilet?
2. Are you not able to sit comfortably?
3. Embarrassed with anal projection & lumps?
4. Tremendous pain & burning sensation in rectum?
5. Feeling needle pricking sensation while defecation?
6. Are you viewing of daily bleeding in stools?
7. Do you feel small lumps & swelling inside the rectum?
8. Are feeling pus discharge from rectum or sides of rectum?
9. Are you tired of surgical, lasers and threads treatment repeatedly?

Ano-rectal disorders…….
Fissure in ano.
Fistula in ano.
Anal hematoma.
Ano-rectal abscess.
Pilonidal sinus.
Prolapse of rectum.
Rectal polyp.
Anal stenosis
Ano-rectal cancer

Symptoms of piles……
Painless bleeding while passing stool.
Feeling a lump out side the anus.
Pruritus ani or itching around the anus
Faecal soiling of undergarments.
If a blood clots forms in the haemorrhoid(thrombosed haemorrhoid)

Causes of ano-rectal diseases….
Constipation-most common cause.
Hard stool/straining during bowel movement.
Faulty toilet habits (sitting on the toilet for long time).
Family history.
Pregnancy and childbirth.
Lifting heavy weights.