What is ksharasutra…………………….
Ksharasutra is medicated alkaline medicine prepared by smearing the latex of Thuar, Kshra of Apamarga, dry powder of Haridra and kristn kedari applied for 31 times which is dried in sun light.

We make good quality, Authentic Ayurvadic Medicines.for
Primery stage treatment of piles, fistula, fissures and other ano-rectal diseases including all types of health problems.

Role of advanced ksharasutra in fistula …………………

At this stage kshrasutra come to the rescue of surgery since a chemical fistulectomy rather a surgical fistulectomy proved to be free from complications.
The introduction of Kshrasutra in to the fistulous tract was capable of dissolving the tough fibrous tissue and ultimately draining it out creating
A healthy and non side effected base for healing. Its gradual and sustained chemical action not only removed the debris from the site of fistula but it also helped in encouraging fresh healthy granulation there by inducing along awaited healing pattern in the depth of tissue that is the beauty of ayurveda. Ayurveda is science of life which is eternally handed over generations to generations and we are proud of it.